July 30



My name is Kyle Spencer and for years I dreamed of writing and publishing books without committing the time and energy needed to write, review, proof read and publish work (and that’s not even mentioning the dread felt upon submitting work to publishing houses). It can be hard and goodness knows I made a lot of excuses for not getting my head down and just doing it – if you find yourself in the same boat the best advice I can give is keep at it. For wherever your writing takes you there is a certain thrill in completing your work.

So finally I managed to complete my first book Ali Bear and the Dragon – a humours bedtime poetry book for children, with the aid of a great friend of mine who captured the theme of the story brilliantly with fabulous illustrations. It is available on Amazon (link below) and you can even view every page of the book using the book previewer if you are intrigued buy don’t necessarily want to buy. I wont be offended!


Suitably emboldened I have a number of projects now on going, including an adult comedy (not the naughty kind, don’t get too excited, its a comedy for adults) and the start of a series of books for teens – a suspenseful saga packed with magic, brooding with suspense and full twists and turns!

I shall mark significant events and progress of my work on this very site. I will also update the odd dark short story for just funsies, you have been warned!

Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and come back again soon!