July 30

Current Work


Bob McWheelie – Private Investigator – 75%

Bob Mcwheelie is a fraudulent private investigator who ends up getting caught up in an age old battle between good and evil.


Children’s Books:

Little Foundling Part I –  Current status: Undergoing proof-reading

Little Foundling Part II – Current Status: 10%

A young boy and his dog seek answers to the strange goings on in the village and beyond. What creatures hide in the Great Wood? What lives in the ancient well? What happened to his mother?

Determined to find the answers, Alistair must come to grips with a mysterious power growing within him…


Short Stories

Breathe – Current Status: Ready to upload to blog.

A horror, fantasy that follows a mans journey for vengeance and truth as he is cursed to live and yet die but never quite leave the nightmares of Hell behind.

The Lamppost – Current Status: Sketching timeline

What on Earth is a lamppost doing in the middle of nowhere? What is the connection between its strange light and the appearance of a mysterious human like figure that seems to be able to distort time?

Flash Fiction

Various 50 word short stories – Current Status: Ready to upload to blog.